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Warranty Terms

The Product is Warranted by ACURA to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 7 years from the purchase. During this period and under normal use, If the product is found to be of fault manufacture, the same will be repaired or replace upon proof of purchase at our option.

The Warranty will be avoid and not valid and ACURA will have no liability.

  • The product is not installed operated or mainteined and services in compliance with instruction and recommondation of ACURA for trouble free fitting.
  • Modification repairs or services are made to the product, nature of the product/logo has been altered defaced of removed of the warranty card has been altered.
  • Problem arising from improper use of product improper application or improper maintained product or components of the same or use of bad/hard water.
  • The Product has been installed and operated outside its designated plumbing condition and parameter.


Quality and advancement in technology is what sets ACURA BATHWARE. The high standards of our products in every category has Our reputation as the most valued premium brand in the bathing industry. To ensure performance and longevity, all products undergo numerous tests. There is a well equipped Centre with the latest Modeling Design software to carry out design functions and define technical specifications.